Environmental Cleaning Specialists

Environmental Care – Enviroserve are here to serve the environment.

By serving the environment by name and in nature, we constantly explore fresh, innovative and cost-effective ways to reduce our impact. We’ve incorporated items such as micro-fibre technologies and non-chemical cleaning agents, helping ensure that premises, air and waterways alike are left clean and clear.

Enviroserve are more than an outsourcing cleaning provider – we like to integrate within your business, and as such we are able to follow your corporate social responsibility guidelines wherever we are required. Whether we’re required to use non-toxic chemicals, a reduction of paper waste or any other aspect you require adhesion to, we’ll work to your standards.

Additionally, as we continue our greener endeavour, we are also encouraging our clients to join us in whittling down CO2 emissions from our fleets and waste. We can now offer our expertise to advise on energy consumption and non-recyclable waste reduction to our clients, further helping reduce impact.

If environmental care is as important to you as it is to us, please get in touch today to see how we can assist you on 0113 357 2031 or at info@enviroserve.uk.com.