Yes, you can keep the same cleaning staff. Under the terms of TUPE, your current cleaning staff will have the right to transfer their employment tom us, which will keep them at the same work place.
Normally, commercial cleaning contracts will have either a 1 month or a 3 month notice of termination. If you are not currently in contract, the termination period will be 1 month. Cleaning contracts are usually terminated by clients due to poor service.
Yes we will train the cleaning staff. All new staff will receive comprehensive induction training and then refresher training will take place every 6 months and will be carried out by the management team.
Yes, we do adhere to TUPE regulations. TUPE is part of employment legislation and is there to protect the employment rights of the cleaning staff.
Yes, we will supply all cleaning products. All Enviroserve products are Eco Friendly to protect the environment.
This is something that is ‘driven’ by our clients. We carry out DBS checks if our clients request it. Naturally with educational contracts, all cleaning staff are DBS checked.
We currently cover, NorthEast, North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands and West Midlands.
Without fail you will see your Cleaning Manager every 4 weeks. More often if there are any issues to resolve.
With regard to Covid, we have followed all government advice implicitly. All cleaning operatives are provided with the correct PPE and strict guidelines are followed on our client premises.
When cleaning staff are off sick the first port of call is to ask the remaining staff within the team to cover the hours of the sick member of staff. If this is not possible we will provide you with one of our mobile cleaners to cover the hours.
Yes, our cleaning regime is eco friendly.
Yes we carry out all different types of ‘one off’ cleans. Simply give us a call to discuss.
We will be very happy to provide you with a cleaning quote. We will need to pay you a short visit to carry out an assessment and this will be followed by a cleaning proposal which will be emailed to you.
Yes, we will provide all cleaning equipment. We will carry out an assessment as to what type of equipment will be needed and then provide.