Hygiene & Cleaning

Infection control in ‘high risk’ areas, such as in the food and healthcare sector, is critical. Here at Enviroserve, we work preventative hygiene solutions into your cleaning services to keep you in the clear.

Hygiene in healthcare

Hygiene in healthcare environments comes under strict legislation, with the Health Act 2006 code of practice stipulating that it is the responsibility of NHS Trusts to ensure that a strategic cleaning plan, one which in no way hinders service delivery, is in place. With previous experience operating in NHS institutions, our deep cleaning decontamination service includes disinfection of any area, such as complete wards and theatre rooms, for a robustly sanitised environment and minimal disruption to your service of care. In the event of urgent requirements, we also have on-call operatives to provide a rapid response service, enabling your institution to function at full capacity with optimum hygiene levels as soon as possible.

Hygiene in food production and restaurants

Food proprietors and inspectors alike can rest assured that Enviroserve leaves no aspect alone, with a dedicated service that currently has a host of restaurants, bars and food production plants clean, fresh, and microbiologically sound. Working to the Food Standard Agency’s guidelines, we work to ensure that your property is presented in the best light, whilst being hygienically sound at the same time.


Please get in touch today to see how we can assist you with your Healthcare and Food Production cleaning needs on 0113 357 2031 or at info@enviroserve.uk.com.